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Now Casting: Living Latina Loca

495 Productions & Doron Ofir Casting the masterminds behind Jersey Shore are looking for fiery urban Latin goddesses who are the most beautiful, sexiest and outrageously misbehaving women to curl their manicured claws around the throbbing pulse of drama, for a hot new reality show all about Latinas in their natural American habitat.

If you are an American Latina; with style, fashion and body, you have perfectly arched eyebrows, you use makeup as an art form and you wear earrings to be seen from across the fiesta, then we want you!

Whether you are from Spanish Harlem, South Miami, Inland Empire, San Antonio, or the Jenny of any block in US we're looking for you! Donde Esta?!

We are looking for fluent English speaking women who look to be between 21 and 35 years of age and who appear to be or identify with Latina culture. All women with sex appeal, fire, pride and an outrageous self confidence to embrace their unique sense of self identification are encouraged to apply. Must be a legal U.S. resident to apply.


Hola Mami, Ay dios mio, the search is on!