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Now Casting: Single Dads

Calling all SINGLE dads. Doron Ofir Casting is looking for you paragons of fatherhood to star a new series proving that it takes a real man to do what a woman was designed to — and quite possibly do it better.

Through choice or circumstance, hardship and happiness, you've taken on the ultimate responsibility and you're kicking butt and taking baby names. You're the understated hero, the self sacrificing superman who does what ever it takes to support, raise, and guide your child... alone. You work hard, play harder, but your most important priority is, and always will be, being adad, and we want to hear your story.

There is a new breed of man strolling the streets and he's proving every day that there's nothing he can't do, except maybe breastfeed.

If you're a single dad and raising your kid on your own, we would like to give you the opportunity to represent the new face of fatherhood. Apply now!

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