• Ex-scape to Paradise
  • Heartland
  • Master Trainer
  • Fat2Fit
  • Turn Up the Heat
  • Leaving My Past
  • Cash In Your Life
  • Freak Out
  • Saving Marriage
  • Party Down South
  • Tattoo Nightmares
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Now Casting: Sorority Coach

Doron Ofir Casting is seeking dignified Sorority Alumni who can provide the poise, purpose and preparation necessary to become a Sorority Coach for this life changing documentary series.

Sororities foster perpetual unity, open doors into an exclusive world, and provide mutually beneficial relationships that define the college experience. Sisterhood is a privilege and an honor. Once accepted, you become part of a sacred bond that exemplifies the highest ideals of womanhood. Only the worthy are welcomed to cultivate elite academic, social and philanthropic standards.

For young ladies and their families, getting invited into the right sorority means everything, and you're the person with the expertise that can ensure acceptance.

If you have the insight, the connections, and the ability to transform young women into the future generation of sisters, we want to meet you.

Apply now to be invited to the chapter meeting!