• Ex-scape to Paradise
  • Heartland
  • Master Trainer
  • Fat2Fit
  • Turn Up the Heat
  • Leaving My Past
  • Cash In Your Life
  • Freak Out
  • Saving Marriage
  • Party Down South
  • Tattoo Nightmares
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"Aftermath" is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a few select candidates to receive the highest level of elite training from experts in the fields of survival, disaster preparedness, self defense, and leadership. This educational documentary series is currently looking for families, social groups, couples, and organizations to attend a 3 day fantasy apocalypse boot camp to master the skills to help them deal with the scenario of their choice.

Whether you’re looking to prepare your family for the next big hurricane, or ready your bowling team for a zombie attack, if you can present your case, and convince us that you deserve the training, you and your group will be flown to our elite training facility where you will receive the training you desperately need to survive and thrive in the aftermath. Get Ready. Apply now