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Now Casting: Mi Vida Loca

495 Productions & Doron Ofir Casting are on the hunt for fiery, passionate, Spanish speaking bi-lingual goddesses who are those beautiful, exciting, mami chulas NY is notorious for! You've got the style, the body, the fashion, the passion and the tough exterior to protect your corazón gigante that beats to the rhythm of Salsa and Meringue, and pumps with the heat of the Spanish Caribbean.

Whether you are from Washington Heights, the Lower East Sidah, Spanish Harlem, or the Bronx, you're a native New Yorker; born and raised, you talk the talk and without a doubt walk the walk, even in your chancletas!

The barrio you call home, where everyone from the salon to the bodega knows your name; the stoops and the street corners never change, and when you strut your stuff down the block with your head held high, everybody shows you respect. You're the real Jenny from the block and you're ready to prove it.

 So if you are a fluent English speaking female with Spanish flair who's at least 21 years old and appears younger than 35, ready to be our tour guide on an adventure through your vida loca on the hottest new television project apply now!

 Get it gurl, round up your neighborhood crew and the familia cause this is the chance to take your life to new heights! Represent!

Apply rapido por favor – mividalocacasting.com